``The blues are alive and well

in the hands of Sherman Doucette,

who is ready to rain down

the power of the blues on you and yours.``

- Shelley Gummeson, Earshot Magazine

"...he lifts you out of your seat,

and you start moving your feet

until your whole body's shaking

and you've lost control." 

- Kevin Gilles, The Voice

"Doucette's vocals are soulful,

gritty and powerful..."

- Penny Campbell, The Canadian Music Magazine

"Doucette's harmonica carved grooves

in the part of my brain that

gets high on music."

Kathryn Wellner - This Gives Me Hope Blog

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“…Considerable skills and boundless energy. A force on the Canadian blues scene, and one of the long-time sparkplugs of the interior’s roots music scene.

If you’ve never caught up to this lifelong bluesman, track down copies of his latest albums ‘Blowin’ Through Town’ and ‘Harp and Soul’ and you’ll be inspired to catch up with Sherman at a couple of his festival pit stops.”

- Salmon Arm ROOTS and BLUES Festival

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"As Vancouver's most electrifying harmonica player,

Sherman has always generated a warm and genuine energy with

A professional responsible attitude. he is destined for success."

- Sorelle Saidman, Media Ink.

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"You don't have to prowl

Vancouver's smoky blues hang-outs

to hear local blues-rockers Incognito.

all you need to do is turn on your radio."

- Steve Newman, The Georgia Straight.

"While the members are all

polished journeymen players,

Sherman Doucette's

confident vocal delivery

makes the most lasting impression."

Peter North, The Edmonton Sun

`"Sherman Doucette has a classic blues voice.

it's deep, gruff, gravely and oozes soul. 

From rocky numbers like ‘Hot Blues and Cold Beer’

to moaners like ‘Drivin’ Wheel’,

Doucette wails with the best of them." 

- Bob Colebrook, The Whistler Answer


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"Soulful voice,

burning harp and a

first rate performer."

- Stormin' Norman Casler, The CFOX Sunday Blues

"Doucette is a powerhouse singer and a great harp player."

- Bob Colebrook, Nite Moves Vancouver

"The grit in his voice and the joyful,

sometimes haunting sound of his harp

can cause the hair on your arms

to stand up and

your body will follow suit."

Shelley Gummeson, !Earshot