“My music is called blues, but it’s not a sad thing, it’s a happy thing.  It’s about the joy that the music brings, how it makes you feel.  I think it’s important for people to know that.  The blues is a celebration of life, that’s what it is. I wish more people were hip to the music.  The blues had a baby and it was called rock n’ roll.  Rock n’ roll was huge, but blues has never really had its day.  It’s always been the bad guy in the back room.  That’s okay, I’m good with that.  I bought my blues shoes as a young man and I wear them proudly.”



Doucette formed his first blues band, Incognito in 1980. Rated one of the hottest & hardest working bands in Vancouver’s Blues Scene from 1981 ‘til 1999, recording three independent albums and touring extensively across Western Canada.

"The first Incognito album was more rock and roll, with seven originals and three covers. The second album was mostly covers with two or three originals, recorded live at the Yale Hotel. Bittersweet was more mainstream and radio friendly with grooves and feels that a lot of people can relate to."

The title cut on the album, which is really strong and hard hitting, was written by Doucette right after his mother died. "Three weeks after my mother died, I got married. So I went to the wedding with this song in my head. It was Bittersweet and the lyrics tell the story.”

-Easy Reeding,
Hohner, Inc - Fall 1997 Issue

Tankful of Blues

Tankful Collage.jpg

After his time with ‘Incognito"‘, Sherman went on to release 2 solo albums with his band, ‘Tankful Of Blues’, incorporating a wide range of Boogie, Blues & Soul.

“A force on the Canadian blues scene, and one of the long-time sparkplugs of the interior’s roots music scene. Considerable skills and boundless energy. If you’ve never caught up to this lifelong bluesman, track down copies of his latest albums ‘Blowin’ Through Town’ and ‘Harp and Soul’ and you’ll be inspired to catch up with Sherman at a couple of his festival pit stops.

- Salmon Arm Roots & Blues

“On the eve of the release of his latest album, Blowin’ Through Town, harp bluesman Sherman Doucette is relaxed. The album, already creating a strong current of anticipation in the blues community is his first in 4 years.  ‘The grit in his voice and the joyful, sometimes haunting sound of his harp can cause the hair on your arms to stand up and your body will follow suit’."

Shelley Gummeson, !Earshot

Blues Duet

Tank - Harptown.jpg

Sherman also enjoys performing as an acoustic Blues Duet. The duo skillfully showcases his own original music as well as covers by his musical heroes and influences from every era of The Blues. ‘Live at Harptown’ was tracked raw and live-off-the-floor.

“Hearing the blues with just acoustic guitar and harmonica transports you right down south. If you close your eyes, Cole and I sound like two guys on the back porch at a barbecue in the Mississippi Delta. There’s no excess ornamentation, just the rhythm and the blues, so bring your dancing shoes!”

“My ideas for songs come mostly in 3D. I kind of get the song all at once, out of the blue: first the title, then the feel, and then the key. The lyrics come from my own experiences, mostly the fun ones.”