"Soulful voice,

burning harp

and a



- Stormin' Norman Casler, The CFOX Sunday Blues

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Sherman “TANK” Doucette has lived and breathed The Blues for 50 years.

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A Powerhouse

Soulful Singer &

Harmonica Virtuoso

Songwriter & Recording Artist

Rated as one of the Best Bluesman in the Business.

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A 30 year staple of the Vancouver music scene from 1969 to 1999

• Jam Host / House Band for the famous Yale Hotel for several years

• Hohner Harmonica endorser for 19 years

Sherman now calls the Okanagan home and is keeping the blues alive with his band Tankful of Blues.



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Upcoming dates:

Feb 14 > School of Blues - Rotary Centre for the arts - kelowna, bc - 7 ‘til 9:PM 

Feb 15/16 > Vintners grill - Blues Duet w/ Grant Jones - kelowna, bc - 7:30 ‘til 10:PM

Feb 21 > School of Blues - Rotary Centre for the arts - kelowna, bc - 7 ‘til 9:PM 


Our way of giving back to our community sharing our music & stories.

Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne & Sherman "TANK" Doucette

School of Blues 

Rotary Centre for the Arts Kelowna, BC

most Thursday evenings • 7 ‘til 9pm.


“Sherman Doucette has a classic blues voice;

it’s deep, gruff, gravely and oozes soul.”

- Bob Colebrook, The Whistler Answer.


“There’s only one Tank in the blues world.

Doucette is the real deal and has the scars and badges to prove it - sharing the stage with blues legends such as John Lee Hooker / Albert Collins / Long John Baldry & many more.  A Tank full of energy mixing Blues classics and original songs with the passion and conviction few can deliver.

Anyone who has seen him perform will agree he puts on an unforgettable show!”



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Sherman “Tank” Doucette grew up surrounded by music.

Born and raised in the small Canadian city of North Battleford,Saskatchewan, he recalls the sounds of His Dad on Guitar or Banjo, His Brother on Guitar, His Mom, Sisters and Aunts Dancing and Singing along, And his Grandfather Giggin’ and Jiggin’ on the Harmonica.

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My grampa played harmonica and fiddle.
He played French jigs, where they dance with their feet,
and even though they’re sitting down they’re Jiggin’.

He had such good rhythm; I’d sit on his lap and he’d keep time with his feet.
And the rhythm went right through me.

He inherited his grandfather’s harp hand-me-downs, and In the summer of 1969, Doucette and his best bud hitchhiked to Vancouver.

“I didn’t have to leave home,” he says, “it’s just that we had that adventurous spirit.” And so thumbs pointed west, they took to the road.

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Once in Vancouver, he played whenever and wherever he could.

“Most were stripper bars,” he says, “but it was a great experience. Some of the emcees were really good, and I picked up stuff from them.”

When he returned home for a visit some years later, his dad sat him down for a “man-to-man” talk.

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He had his Canadian Club, and he bought me a bottle of vodka, and he said, ‘Okay Son, what are you going to be when you grow up?’
And I told him. And he said,
‘Kid, you’re a dreamer’.

“I didn’t realize that he was a frustrated musician.

He had played in bands in the 1940s, but with seven kids, he had to pack it in so he could support us.

Later he became a fan, and was very supportive.”

Back in Vancouver, things were jumping. “All of the big bands were coming through, and I went to see as many of them as I could. When I was seventeen I went to see John Lee Hooker. I had worked a 24-hour shift on the docks, and I had my ticket to see him at the Commodore Ballroom. The lights were low, and I was starting to fall asleep in my chair when he came on stage and proceeded to take me and twelve hundred other people to another place. I couldn’t believe how much fire and power and energy the blues had.

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That’s when I realized how it can move an audience. When you see the performer or band, and they’ve got the audience ― that’s the moment we all live for.

Years later, he would play with Hooker on five different occasions ― the highlight, he says, of his career.

Over the next five years, Doucette continued to perform around the city, supplementing his income at a local lumber mill. Things were rockin’ along until one April day in 1977, when everything changed with the flick of a switch, and Doucette literally got the shock of his life.

He says he remembers walking into a paint shed, where, unbeknownst to him, there was a buildup of fumes on the ceiling.

When I flicked the switch on it ignited the fumes, and the building blew up. I was the only one in it at the time. It changed my life.

Two months later he awoke from a coma to find himself in the burn ward of a Vancouver hospital, fifty percent of his body covered in third-degree burns. He would spend another four months in the hospital healing from the ravages of those burns, and putting in some hard time learning to walk again, after lying still for so long.

The fact that he had beaten the odds and survived earned him the nickname

“Sherman Tank”

Music Saved Me.

As soon as I got out of the hospital my musician friends started calling to have me sit in with them, and then they hired me.
And I went back to playing music.
And every time I got sidetracked ― too much fun at a party ― I’d say,
‘I just want to play music. I’ve done my share of partying;
it’s business now.’
I was twenty-three.
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After a short stint with the Water hole All-Stars he joined the Grand Slam Blues Band, which was heavily into soul music. Playing along with the horn players, he wanted to pick their brains and learn from them.

I didn’t want to just play the harmonica like everyone else. You live to get that tone, but once you get it, you try to get your own style.

Back on his feet, he formed his own band ‘INCOGNITO’, sharing the stage with the likes of Albert Collins, Sunnyland Slim, and Pinetop Perkins before moving on in 1999.

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My wife and I had a daughter.
She turned five, and the big city was just too scary,” he explains.
“My wife’s parents lived five minutes east in Kelowna, a way better place to raise her.
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Once there, he formed a band that would become known as Sherman Doucette and ‘Tankful of Blues’.

“We play upbeat music,” he says, “Sonny Terry and all the older blues stuff, and keep ’em dancin’.”

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— Salmon Arm ROOTS and BLUES Festival

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Doucette also works as a studio musician, backing artists and performing on commercials for the likes of Labatt Beer, McDonalds and Growers Cider. He’s also appeared on the CBC and CTV and hosted a number of Vancouver’s blues rooms.

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When he’s not performing, he’s collecting, amassing a staggering number of antique harmonicas.

The collection took root in the early 1980s,

when a fellow musician gave him what would become the first of many.

He had a beautiful bass harmonica that was made in 1910,” he recalls, “And he gave it to me. And I was just blown away.
Tank HarpMuseum.jpg

Seven hundred diatonics, chromatics, crank and “weird shaped” harmonicas later, along with a dazzling display of vintage cases and displays, Doucette is short on room, but long on enthusiasm. To say that he’s got rhythm is an understatement.

Biography By Jaine Rodack for Harmonica.Com

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VIDEO Sherman (Tank) Doucette, harmonica player, vocalist and songwriter from Kelowna,BC. Sherman "Tank" has performed with the some of the best bands in Vancouver. On numerous occasions he had the great privilege of sharing the stage with such greats as legendary players as John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, Sony Land Slim, Pinetop Perkins, Jim Byrnes and Long John Baldry.
❛Astoundingly Acoustic Concert ❜ ⑩ Sherman ❛Tank❜ Doucette on sparkleTV ! Here's the whole story. Tank lays down his take on 'Little Walter' Jacobs' ❝I Just Keep on Lovin' Her❞ and gets some all-star quality help from Rick Fines, Jack de Keyzer, Paul Deslauriers, Erin McCallum & Bill Hicks.

Nothin' but a party going on - lowdown funky blues
Recorded on the final morning of the 25th Annual Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Music Festival, at the CBC Blues Stage Sun. Aug. 20, 2017 (10:20 - 11:15 am); hosted by Chris Walker of CBC Radio One's current affairs morning show "Daybreak South" in Kelowna, covering BC's Southern Interior.

Sherman Doucette & Tankful of Blues are: Sherman Doucette - Singer-Songwriter / Harmonica Cole Leaver / Guitar Grant Jones / Bass & vocals John Modder / Drums Sherman Doucette "Driftin' Blues" has been played and recorded by many artists, since becoming one of the biggest blues hits of the 1940s.
Watch more @ Graham Ord and Band will host an evening of Blues featuring special guests from the local Blues scene. Special Guests will include Sherman Doucette, John Lee Sanders, Teena Rae Gowdy and Norm Strauss.

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Some groovy clips from the Passion Bowl show held on August 11, 2018 featuring the hot blues music of Sherman Doucette and some original tunes from local singer-songwriter, Linz Kenyon. A Shuswap Passion production by Jim Cooperman, see

Harmonica player / collector aired on VU13 March 31 1995
Sherman Doucette, Kelowna BC Canada blues fest, 2005. featuring "Papa Dawg" Rick Halisheff, guitar, Andy Graffiti, drums. Grant Jones, Bass. for more info visit

Recorded on the opening afternoon of the Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Music Festival, at the CBC Blues Stage Fri. Aug. 18, 2017 (4:45 - 5:45 pm) Event: "AIR TIGHT" Boogie Patrol's Dan Shinnan (Host) and the Rhythm Section, Sherman Doucette (Host), Charlie Jacobson & Keith Scott (Chicago-based blues/rock guitarist).




``The blues are alive and well

in the hands of Sherman Doucette,

who is ready to rain down

the power of the blues on you and yours.``

- Shelley Gummeson, Earshot Magazine

"...he lifts you out of your seat,

and you start moving your feet

until your whole body's shaking

and you've lost control." 

- Kevin Gilles, The Voice


"Doucette's vocals are soulful,

gritty and powerful..."

- Penny Campbell, The Canadian Music Magazine

"Doucette's harmonica carved grooves

in the part of my brain that

gets high on music."

Kathryn Wellner - This Gives Me Hope Blog

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“…Considerable skills and boundless energy. A force on the Canadian blues scene, and one of the long-time sparkplugs of the interior’s roots music scene.

If you’ve never caught up to this lifelong bluesman, track down copies of his latest albums ‘Blowin’ Through Town’ and ‘Harp and Soul’ and you’ll be inspired to catch up with Sherman at a couple of his festival pit stops.”

- Salmon Arm ROOTS and BLUES Festival

Tank Sunset.jpg

"As Vancouver's most electrifying harmonica player,

Sherman has always generated a warm and genuine energy with

A professional responsible attitude. he is destined for success."

- Sorelle Saidman, Media Ink.

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"You don't have to prowl

Vancouver's smoky blues hang-outs

to hear local blues-rockers Incognito.

all you need to do is turn on your radio."

- Steve Newman, The Georgia Straight.

"While the members are all

polished journeymen players,

Sherman Doucette's

confident vocal delivery

makes the most lasting impression."

Peter North, The Edmonton Sun

`"Sherman Doucette has a classic blues voice.

it's deep, gruff, gravely and oozes soul. 

From rocky numbers like ‘Hot Blues and Cold Beer’

to moaners like ‘Drivin’ Wheel’,

Doucette wails with the best of them." 

- Bob Colebrook, The Whistler Answer


Tank BW.jpg

"Soulful voice,

burning harp and a

first rate performer."

- Stormin' Norman Casler, The CFOX Sunday Blues

"Doucette is a powerhouse singer and a great harp player."

- Bob Colebrook, Nite Moves Vancouver

"The grit in his voice and the joyful,

sometimes haunting sound of his harp

can cause the hair on your arms

to stand up and

your body will follow suit."

Shelley Gummeson, !Earshot

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