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Sherman Doucette is not only a true statesman of The Blues,

but also a Harmonica Historian.

He possesses an impressive Antique Harmonica Collection with over 700 Harps of all shapes & sizes,

with Bells and Trumpets, many of which date back to circa 1910. 

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“I've got bass chord harps; ones with trumpets sticking out the back, bells on them… They did everything with harmonicas to try to sell them to people. Most of them I don't play because I'm not sure where they came from. It's kind of like buying somebody's toothbrush. Brass and water don't mix. You can boil it, but the reeds will pop out and everything will fall apart. I'm more into pre-war harmonicas because they are over 150 years old now. That's longer than electric guitars."


“I’m still a contender. 

All my heroes — great harp legends like 

Paul Butterfield, Little Walter & Junior Wells — have died.  

I’m ready to step into that void because 

I still feel passionate about the blues and 

about keeping it alive.”

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