• Bassharp

    M. Hohner 1910

  • Beatles Harp
    Beatles Harp

    M. Hohner 1964

  • Canadian Ace
    Canadian Ace

    Fr.Hotz. 1960's.

  • Chimes

    Hohner 1924-1936

  • ChromonicaII

    M. Hohner 1952-74

  • College Band Harp
    College Band Harp

    Czechoslovakia 1930

  • Comet

    Hohner 1974-current

  • Doerfel Harp
    Doerfel Harp

    Early 1900's - Doerfel's International

  • Flora Harp
    Flora Harp

    C.H. Weiss Ireland 1950 -1964

  • Tremolo Sextet
    Tremolo Sextet

    M Hohner 1974-

  • Polyphonia

    No.6 M. Hohner

  • Harmonette

    Hohner Harmonica 1912-1931

  • Rollmonica


  • The Echo
    The Echo

    M Hohner 1924 - 1938

  • Tremolo Concert
    Tremolo Concert

    With bells - turn of the century

  • Trumpet Call
    Trumpet Call

    Hohner Harmonica 1912-1931

  • TuckAway

    M Hohner 1929 - 1931

  • Vermona Harp
    Vermona Harp

    Eastern Germany 1940

  • Violin King
    Violin King

    Weiss - 1920's

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Beatles Harp











M. Hohner 1964. It was John Lennon who played harmonica for the Beatles on songs Love me do, Please please me, Chains, From me to you, There's a place, (Twist&Shout) Thank you girl, I'll get you, (The second Album). Littlechild, (Beatlemania). I'm a loser, (Beatles'65). I remember you, (The lost Hamburg tapes).

This harmonica was another part of Beatle-mania, made by Hohner. Harmonica & box on a pictured display card . Each kit contained two top Beatle song hits, a basic harmonica instruction chart and a signed photograph. Only the box has "The Beatles faces on it." The Harmonica is a generic Hohner.
Sold for $2.98 each.


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